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About Us

Music and the Deaf is the only UK charity that is entirely dedicated to using music which enables people with a hearing loss to unlock their potential. We want to remove barriers (real and perceived,) and inspire children, young people and adults alike to access and enjoy music. We know that music enriches lives.


Making music so much more than making noise itself! Participation in music can play a crucial role in a person’s development:

  • It promotes inclusivity
  • It teaches young people how to work together
  • It builds confidence
  • It develops communication skills
  • And it provides a vital outlet for self-expression

And we know how to make music accessible to people with a hearing loss, so that they too can experience these benefits.

music workshop

What do we do?

We engage thousands of children and adults - deaf and hearing - through workshops in schools and the community. We train teachers, we give talks, we give performances. We educate and we inspire.

Our ground breaking projects such as the Deaf Youth Orchestra, Frequalise (music technology) and the FORTE Ensemble have raised awareness of the issues and difficulties surrounding deafness and reduced the sense of isolation that many deaf people can face.

Music and the Deaf is led by CEO Danny Lane, himself a profoundly deaf musician and pianist. We are called upon as experts by educational organisations, charities, companies and initiatives all over the world. We believe that being able to participate in music greatly assists in a person’s social, emotional and intellectual development, regardless of their level of hearing. We have built an international reputation for pushing the boundaries of what deaf people can aspire to and achieve in music.

Our Team