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Music and the Deaf Fundraising Dinner – 6th June 2014

Signed Song and Deaf Audiences Training – 27th March 2014

Hidden Hearing Supports Music and the Deaf

Music and the Deaf is delighted to receive a generous donation from Hidden Hearing. The cheque was presented at a [...]

New Office Mobile Number (Text Messages Only)

You can now contact us by text in the office on 0779 0185 225 and we can also do “signed [...]

Music Ambassadors Project

Music and the Deaf is delighted to launch the new “Music Ambassadors” project, which will help deaf young people to [...]

“Emotional and Moving …”

On the 14th July, the Birmingham Conservatoire hosted “wonderful” and “fabulous” performances by several Music and the Deaf groups. There [...]

Hearing Fund UK Support Music and the Deaf

Music and the Deaf is delighted that HEARING FUND UK will be fundraising for us next year. The first of [...]

“There is nothing we cannot achieve!”

We would like to thank Mrs Rebecca Wilson, the music teacher at Downe House School for her kind feedback: On Wednesday [...]

Our Mission Statement

Music and the Deaf is a unique charity which helps the nine million people in the UK with a hearing [...]